Onterran is the parent company of the Couran Cove Resort, South Stradbroke Island, Queensland (ASX:OTR).

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ASX Announcements

Date Price sense. Headline Pages PDF
30-Aug-2018 Market Update 1
13-Apr-2018 Initial Director's Interest Notice 2
13-Apr-2018 Final Director's Interest Notice 2
13-Apr-2018 Director Appointment/Resignation 1
13-Mar-2018 Chief Financial Officer Appointment/Resignation 1
23-Feb-2018 Voluntary Suspension Extension Request and Update 2
18-Dec-2017 Link Market Services - Change of Brisbane Address 3
01-Dec-2017 Voluntary Suspension Extension Request 1
25-Sep-2017 Voluntary Suspension Extension Request 2
11-Aug-2017 Voluntary Suspension Extension Request and Update 2
30-Jun-2017 Final Director's Interest Notice 2
30-Jun-2017 Initial Director's Interest Notice 2
30-Jun-2017 Voluntary Suspension Extension Request 1
30-Jun-2017 Market Update and Board Changes 1
01-Jun-2017 Change of Registered Office and Principal Place of Business 1
31-May-2017 Market Update 1
22-May-2017 Voluntary Suspension Extension Request 1
28-Apr-2017 Market Update 1
10-Apr-2017 Voluntary Suspension Extension Request 1
27-Mar-2017 Ceasing to be a substantial holder 2
06-Mar-2017 Becoming a substantial holder from SOL 3
27-Feb-2017 Voluntary Suspension Extension Request 2
20-Feb-2017 Voluntary Suspension Extension Request 1
14-Feb-2017 $ Voluntary Suspension 2
10-Feb-2017 $ Trading Halt 2
16-Jan-2017 Adjustment to RCPS issue 1
04-Jan-2017 Becoming a substantial holder 3
03-Jan-2017 Change of Director's Interest Notice 3
03-Jan-2017 Appendix 3B and Cleansing Statement 15
21-Dec-2016 Extension of Share Purchase Plan 1
09-Dec-2016 $ Further Couran Cove Update 3
05-Dec-2016 $ Couran Cove Update 6
01-Dec-2016 Cleansing Notice 1
01-Dec-2016 Share Purchase Plan 16
29-Nov-2016 Results of Meeting 1
29-Nov-2016 Chairman's Address to Shareholders 4
15-Nov-2016 Appendix 3B 13
07-Nov-2016 Change in substantial holding from HHL 4
04-Nov-2016 Change in substantial holding from HHL 5
28-Oct-2016 Change of Director's Interest Notice 3
28-Oct-2016 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form 10
27-Oct-2016 Appendix 3B 13
21-Oct-2016 Appendix 3B 13
13-Oct-2016 Appendix 3B 13
30-Sep-2016 Appendix 4G Key to Corporate Governance Disclosures 11
30-Sep-2016 Corporate Governance Statement 13
30-Sep-2016 Annual Report to Shareholders 96
23-Sep-2016 Appendix 3B 13
21-Sep-2016 Appendix 3B 13
21-Sep-2016 Couran Cove Settlement 1
06-Sep-2016 Appendix 3B 13
31-Aug-2016 $ 2016 Appendix 4E – Preliminary Final Report 32
26-Aug-2016 Appendix 3B 13
26-Aug-2016 Partly paid shares paid up and forfeiture of options 1
26-Aug-2016 Share consolidation completed 1
19-Aug-2016 Share Consolidation Timetable 1
15-Aug-2016 Results of Meeting 1
15-Jul-2016 Consolidation/Split - OTR 4
12-Jul-2016 $ Acquisition of Couran Cove Resort Assets and Capital Raise 12
12-Jul-2016 $ Reinstatement to Official Quotation 1
12-Jul-2016 Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form 50
12-Jul-2016 $ Acquisition Couran Cove Resort Assets, Capital Raise & EGM 1
06-Jul-2016 $ Suspension from Official Quotation 2
04-Jul-2016 $ Trading Halt 1
04-Jul-2016 Trading Halt Request 1
04-Jul-2016 Further information regarding Couran Cove Resort Properties 10
11-May-2016 Change in substantial holding from HHL 4
20-Apr-2016 Appendix 3B 13
20-Apr-2016 Cleansing Notice 1
15-Apr-2016 Change in substantial holding from HHL 5
01-Mar-2016 $ McGrath finalises exclusivity agreement for $40m 1
01-Mar-2016 $ Half yearly reports and accounts 32
01-Mar-2016 $ Onterran conditionally secures $70.0m development partnership 1
29-Feb-2016 $ Finalises exclusivity agreement for $40m contract 1
29-Feb-2016 $ Half Yearly Report and Accounts 32
29-Feb-2016 $ Conditionally secures $70m development partnership 1
29-Feb-2016 $ CEO steps down 1
11-Feb-2016 Becoming a substantial holder from HHL 5
22-Dec-2015 Final Directors' Interest Notice
21-Dec-2015 Retirement of Chairman
07-Dec-2015 Change of Company Name and ASX Code
25-Nov-2015 Results of Meeting
25-Nov-2015 AGM Chairman's Address and CEO's Presentation
29-Sep-2015 Substantial holder
29-Sep-2015 Placement and Non-renounceable Entitlement Offer
29-Sep-2015 Nomad Turn-Around Going to Plan
29-Sep-2015 Nomad 31 December 2012 HY Results - Commentary
29-Sep-2015 Investor Presentation - Euroz Conference
29-Sep-2015 Financial Statements 2010
29-Sep-2015 Cleansing Notice
29-Sep-2015 Change in Director's Interest Notice - P. Abery
29-Sep-2015 Appointment of Chief Executive Officer
29-Sep-2015 Appendix 3Y Peter Constable
29-Sep-2015 Appendix 3B Issue of Options
29-Sep-2015 2015 Annual Report
18-Feb-2015 Substantial Shareholder
18-Feb-2015 Prelim Final Report
18-Feb-2015 Nomad Wins $28.8M Rio Construction Contract at Wickham
18-Feb-2015 Nomad Appoints Mike Brockbank to Head Up Rapley Wilkinson
18-Feb-2015 Investor Presentation FY2015 Results
18-Feb-2015 Form 605 Ceasing to be a Substantial Shareholder Nomad Corporation
18-Feb-2015 Cleansing Notice
18-Feb-2015 Change in Director's Interest Notice - P. Slaughter
18-Feb-2015 Appointment of Managing Director
18-Feb-2015 Appendix 3Y Peter Constable
18-Feb-2015 Appendix 3B LTIP
18-Feb-2015 Acquisition investor presentation
08-Oct-2014 $ Trading Halt 1
08-Oct-2014 Prospectus Lodgement Entitlement Offer
08-Oct-2014 Nomad Wins New Construction Contracts
08-Oct-2014 Nomad Appoints New Managing Director
08-Oct-2014 Letter to Shareholders - Entitlement Offer
08-Oct-2014 Half Year Financial Report
08-Oct-2014 Company Update
08-Oct-2014 Change in substantial holding
08-Oct-2014 Banking Update
08-Oct-2014 Appendix 3Y Peter Constable
08-Oct-2014 Appendix 3x Initial Director's Interest Notice (David Bottomley)
08-Oct-2014 AGM Results
08-Oct-2014 08 Oct 2014 - NBS Annual Report
29-Nov-2013 Results of AGM & Confirmation of New Director
29-Nov-2013 Notice of General Meeting
29-Nov-2013 Nomad Renews Bank Facilities
29-Nov-2013 NOD 31 Dec 2013 - HY Results Announcement
29-Nov-2013 Initial Director's Interest Notice - David Craig
29-Nov-2013 Expiry of Voluntary Escrow Restrictions
29-Nov-2013 Change of Registered Office
29-Nov-2013 Chairman's Address to Shareholders
29-Nov-2013 Appendix 4E / Audited Annual Accounts
29-Nov-2013 Appendix 3Y David Bottomley
29-Nov-2013 Appendix 3B - Cancellation of Options - Peter Hogan
29-Nov-2013 2013 AGM - Results
28-Nov-2013 Suspension of DRP
28-Nov-2013 Proposed Changes to Nomad Board
28-Nov-2013 Nomad Wins Major New Construction Contract
28-Nov-2013 Nomad Appoints New Director
28-Nov-2013 Issue of Offer Shares and New Option Exercise Prices
28-Nov-2013 Gorgon Project Completion Impacts Nomad Half Year Results
28-Nov-2013 Company Secretary Appointment/Resignation
28-Nov-2013 Change in substantial holding
28-Nov-2013 Appointment of Non Executive Director
28-Nov-2013 Appendix 3Y Peter Constable
28-Nov-2013 Appendix 3X - Initial Director's Interest Notice - Peter Constable
28-Nov-2013 AGM Addresses
28-Oct-2013 Results of Meeting and Acquisition Update
28-Oct-2013 Notice of Initial Substantial Shareholder
28-Oct-2013 Nomad Securities Trading Policy
28-Oct-2013 NOD 31 December 2013 HY Results
28-Oct-2013 Initial Director's Interest Notice Lachlan McIntosh
28-Oct-2013 Final Director's Interest Notice
28-Oct-2013 Change of Registered Office
28-Oct-2013 Chairman's and MD's Addresses to Shareholders
28-Oct-2013 Appendix 4G
28-Oct-2013 Appendix 3Y David Bottomley
28-Oct-2013 Appendix 3B - Placement & Entitlement Offer
28-Oct-2013 2013 Annual Report to Shareholders
19-Sep-2013 Substantial holder
19-Sep-2013 Peter Abery Appendix 3z
19-Sep-2013 Nomad To Return To Profit - Reviews WA Modular Business
19-Sep-2013 Nomad - Investor Presentation - 31 December 2013 Results
19-Sep-2013 Investor Presentation
19-Sep-2013 Financial Results
19-Sep-2013 Change to Substantial Shareholding
19-Sep-2013 Change in Director's Interest Notice - D. Craig
19-Sep-2013 Appointment of Alternate Director - David Bottomley
19-Sep-2013 Appendix 3Y Lachlan McIntosh
19-Sep-2013 Appendix 3B Cancellation of Employee Options
19-Sep-2013 2013 Results - Investor Presentation
30-Aug-2013 Sale of Rental Assets
30-Aug-2013 Notifcation of Director Resignations
30-Aug-2013 Nomad to acquire Bloomer Constructions (Qld) Pty Ltd
30-Aug-2013 NOD- Board changes
30-Aug-2013 Initial Director��_��__��_��___s Interest Notice
30-Aug-2013 Final Director's Interest Notice - Rick Blair
30-Aug-2013 Change of Share Register Notification
30-Aug-2013 Change in Director's Interest Notice
30-Aug-2013 Appointment CEO Eastern States
30-Aug-2013 Appendix 3y David Bottomley
30-Aug-2013 Appendix 3B and Cleansing Notice
30-Aug-2013 2013 Annual Results
08-Mar-2013 Resignation of Company Secretary
08-Mar-2013 Notice of AGM Time and Venue
08-Mar-2013 Nomad Establishes Manufacturing Joint Venture
08-Mar-2013 McGrath Homes wins $18million contract
08-Mar-2013 Half Year Results Announcement
08-Mar-2013 Corporate Overhead Reduction Update
08-Mar-2013 Change in Substantial Shareholding
08-Mar-2013 Cancellation of Options
08-Mar-2013 Appendix 3z - David Cochrane
08-Mar-2013 Appendix 3Y
08-Mar-2013 Annual Results Investor Presentation
08-Mar-2013 130307 Investor Presentation - 2013 Half Year Results
28-Feb-2013 Woodside Contract
28-Feb-2013 Resignation of Alan Thomas
28-Feb-2013 Notice of 2015 Annual General Meeting
28-Feb-2013 Nomad Completes Acquisition of Bloomer Constructions (Qld)
28-Feb-2013 Managmeent and Board Changes
28-Feb-2013 Half Year Results Announcement
28-Feb-2013 Corporate Office Relocation
28-Feb-2013 Change in Substantial Holding
28-Feb-2013 Board Changes and CFO Appointment
28-Feb-2013 Appendix 3Z
28-Feb-2013 Appendix 3Y
28-Feb-2013 Annual Report to Shareholders
28-Feb-2013 130228 Sale of Rental Assetss to Black Diamond
22-Nov-2012 Response to ASX Query
22-Nov-2012 Resignation of Managing Director
22-Nov-2012 Notice of Change in Interests of Substantial Shareholder
22-Nov-2012 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
22-Nov-2012 Nomad Modular Building - Update on WA operations
22-Nov-2012 Nomad Half Year Investor Presentation
22-Nov-2012 NED Appointment David Franklyn
22-Nov-2012 McGrath Wins $25m Subcontract with Pindan Contracting
22-Nov-2012 Initial Director's Interest Notice
22-Nov-2012 Half Yearly Report and Accounts
22-Nov-2012 Earnings Downgrade
22-Nov-2012 Dispatch of Prospectus
22-Nov-2012 Change of Director's Interest Notice
22-Nov-2012 Change of Director's Interest Notice
22-Nov-2012 Ceasing to be a Substantial Holder
22-Nov-2012 Ceasing to be a substantial holder
22-Nov-2012 Appendix 4E Audited Annual Accounts
22-Nov-2012 Appendix 3z Final Director's Interest Notice
22-Nov-2012 Appendix 3Y David Bottomley
22-Nov-2012 Appendix 3Y Change in Directors Interest
22-Nov-2012 Appendix 3B
22-Nov-2012 Appendix 3B
22-Nov-2012 2012 AGM Results
22-Nov-2012 2012 AGM - MD and Chairman's Speeches
22-Oct-2012 Results of AGM
22-Oct-2012 Notice of Change in Substantial Shareholding
22-Oct-2012 Nomad Recycles Part of Its WA Rental Fleet
22-Oct-2012 NED Resignation P. Slaughter
22-Oct-2012 Initial Director's Interest Notice
22-Oct-2012 Expiry of Escrow Restrictions
22-Oct-2012 Change of Office Address
22-Oct-2012 Chairman's & MD's addresses to shareholders
22-Oct-2012 Appendix 4E - Preliminary Final Report
22-Oct-2012 Appendix 3Y David Bottomley
22-Oct-2012 Appendix 3B
22-Oct-2012 2012 Annual Report
12-Oct-2012 Response to ASX Price and Volume Query
12-Oct-2012 Notice of Change in Director's Interest - David Franklyn
12-Oct-2012 Nomad Market Update
12-Oct-2012 Media Release Half-Year Report
12-Oct-2012 Half-year announcement
12-Oct-2012 DRP Share Price
12-Oct-2012 Change of Director's Interest Notice
12-Oct-2012 Ceasing to be a Substantial Holder
12-Oct-2012 Appendix 4D and Half Year Accounts
12-Oct-2012 Appendix 3Y David Bottomley
12-Oct-2012 Appendix 3B
12-Oct-2012 2012 AGM - Notice of Date and Venue
31-Aug-2012 Updated Appendix 3B
31-Aug-2012 Update on Nomad's Queensland Operations
31-Aug-2012 Request for Trading Halt - Equity Raising
31-Aug-2012 Rapley Wilkinson wins $11m Project in Kununurra
31-Aug-2012 Notice of 2014 Annual General Meeting
31-Aug-2012 Notice of 2013 Annual General Meeting
31-Aug-2012 Nomad Appoints Two New Directors
31-Aug-2012 Nomad Appoints New Non Executive Director
31-Aug-2012 Managing Director Buys Shares in Nomad
31-Aug-2012 Managing Director Appointment
31-Aug-2012 Half Year Report and Accounts
31-Aug-2012 Half Year Report - 31 December 2012
31-Aug-2012 Corporate Governance Statement
31-Aug-2012 Contract Dispute with Thiess Decmil Kentz Joint Venture
31-Aug-2012 Change in Substantial Holding
31-Aug-2012 Change in Substantial Holding
31-Aug-2012 Becoming a substantial holder: Citigroup
31-Aug-2012 Banking Update
31-Aug-2012 Appendix 3Z
31-Aug-2012 Appendix 3Y Peter Constable
31-Aug-2012 Appendix 3x Initial Directors Interest Notice
31-Aug-2012 Appendix 3X Initial Directors Interest
31-Aug-2012 Annual General Meeting Details
31-Aug-2012 Amendment to Company Constitution
31-Aug-2012 120831 Nomad Returns to Profitability
31-Aug-2012 120831 Annual Results _ 30 June 2012
21-Oct-2011 Resignation of Managing Director
21-Oct-2011 Notice of Annual General Meeting
21-Oct-2011 Nomad Group - Next Step in Company Restructuring
21-Oct-2011 McGrath Homes wins Contract worth $4.1M
21-Oct-2011 Half Year Results Investor Presentation
21-Oct-2011 Dispatch of Notice of Annual General Meeting
21-Oct-2011 Change of Director's Interest Notice
21-Oct-2011 Cancellation of Options
21-Oct-2011 Appendix 3Z Final Director's Interest Notice
21-Oct-2011 Appendix 3Y - Michael Bourke
21-Oct-2011 Appendix 3B
21-Oct-2011 2011 Annual Report to Shareholders
14-Dec-2010 Resignation of Company Secretary/CFO
14-Dec-2010 Notice of Annual General Meeting
14-Dec-2010 Nomad Full Year Results
14-Dec-2010 McGrath Homes Wins Construction Contract
14-Dec-2010 Half Year Results Commentary
14-Dec-2010 David Craig to be appointed as NED
14-Dec-2010 Change of Director's Interest Notice
14-Dec-2010 Cancellation of Options
14-Dec-2010 Appendix 3z - Michael Folwell
14-Dec-2010 Appendix 3Y - Alan John Thomas
14-Dec-2010 Appendix 3B
14-Dec-2010 14 December 2010 - Entitlement Offer Closed
12-Jan-2010 Supplementary Prospectus
12-Jan-2010 Preliminary Half-Year Report
12-Jan-2010 Nomad Wins Contracts in QLD
12-Jan-2010 Nomad Appoints New Chief Financial Officer
12-Jan-2010 Investor Roadshow 2010 Half Year Results Presentation
12-Jan-2010 Gorgon Construction Contract - Settlement and Release
12-Jan-2010 Commencement Date of New MD and Resignation of Non-Executive Director
12-Jan-2010 Change in substantial holding
12-Jan-2010 Appointment of new CFO
12-Jan-2010 Appendix 3Y Peter Constable
12-Jan-2010 Appendix 3X - Initial Director's Interest Notice - Michael Folwell
12-Jan-2010 Action Plan
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