A Landscape for Success

Firmly grounded on terra firma

Onterran is the parent company of a diversified group of construction, modular manufacturing and
property development businesses across Australia.

We are an ASX-listed organisation (ASX:OTR) that builds growth in our companies through astute business management and selective acquisition strategies. Our incisive ability to drive business performance aims to deliver sustained investment success.


We partner closely with the leadership teams within our portfolio. We’re invested in every decision they make, helping to create strong structures for business growth. We also partner with our investors in our commitment to provide greater opportunity for diversified investment growth avenues.


Onterran has a solid foundation in the building industry, and we continue to celebrate our successes. Our selective and disciplined acquisition strategies and astute business management delivers solid investment opportunities.


We focus on corporate assets that have a greater potential to perform. We have the expertise and determination to help them grow and deliver a positive return to our investors.




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  • McGrath
  • Bloomer

The Onterran group of businesses offers clients strength, diversity and scalable opportunity. Each business is able to operate independently within their core speciality, or collaborate together to deliver a fully integrated construction solution.

This versatility enables us to approach each project with maximum cost and construction efficiency.